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Pad on Nest-Controlled Harvard Air Conditioning

At the Pad on Harvard apartments, requests such as adjusting the cooling units during warm days are efficiently handled by the Pad on Harvard Air Conditioning. Maintenance is easily handled since The Pad uses Google efficient Nest Controlled Heating and Cooling.

With an efficient package of apartment amenities like air conditioning, designer kitchen stainless steel appliances, spacious living room and bedroom areas, washer and dryer, embedded flatscreen high definition TV, you live in comfort and luxury in the Pad on Harvard at Atlanta Metro apartments.

The Pad on Nest-Controlled Harvard Air Conditioning ensures a sustained level of coolness and comfort in the rooms that can be controlled electronically from any part of the apartment. With both heating and cooling functions provided but depending on the climate and weather, the system integrates the internal functions of the air conditioning system. 

Equipped with variable refrigerant technology of inverter series that meets the customer needs much better in various indoor unit types, Pad on Nest-Controlled Harvard Air Conditioning features the ceiling-mounted round flow cassette air conditioner, with its uniform 360-degree airflow, enabling a uniform temperature distribution and enhanced comfort.

With a centralized cooling system, you can experience to the full satisfaction the comfort, security and serenity of an environmentally-enhanced urban community of Pad on Nest-Controlled Harvard Air Conditioning where clean and cool apartment atmosphere and surroundings are also accepted way of living. A clean cooling system would encourage and inspire working residents towards making greater productivity in their work.

Experience the spacious living room and bedroom with a clean cool environment, complete additional amenities like a carpeted bedroom, a 3-chair cosmopolitan sofa, dining tables and chairs, embedded granite table top that can be converted into a bar table, wood flooring and lots of kitchen cabinets to enhance your cooking ability.

The Pad on Nest-Controlled Harvard Air Conditioning complements the community amenities optimizing your urban lifestyle experience as you take pleasure in the convenience of luxurious apartment living. These sparkling amenities include: high speed, wireless internet access, a swimming pool, a fitness center, clubhouse extra storage inside your apartment, lounging areas, and 24-hour maintenance.

The interior and exterior of the apartments reflecting energy efficiency is time saving, mobility enhancing, and can open up new positive experiences for residents and guests of all ages in meeting the personal goals of people within the warm confines of the Pad on Nest-Controlled Harvard Air Conditioning.

The Pad on Harvard apartments stands out as a prominent rectangular structure amidst the wooded areas of the College Park to its north at Princeton Avenue, and the swath of car parking spaces to its near south, east and west at Columbia Avenue and Jefferson Street. You can visit site :

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